Our Visit to Opa Locka To See Private Jet Charter Companies

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We were out on a road trip for Aviation Marketing Experts. They’re part of Blue Island Digital, who created our website. They publish a newsletter via email that goes to lots of aviation companies. Our visit to Opa Locka to see private jet charter companies was a fun day.  

Using Google Maps, we decided to just cold call some of these companies close the Opa-Locka Executive Airport. It was surprising how most weren’t open. We were there during normal business hours.

Who We Saw

We were able to meet people at 3 different companies.

  • EAS (Executive Air Services)
  • Zulu Air Charter
  • Noble Air Charter

EAS was interesting. They had a picture of a Cirrus Vision Jet in the lobby. We were able to talk to a nice accounting person. We gave her a QR code on how to reach us, but never heard from them.

At Zulu with met a great guy, “Ozzy”, who does maintenance on aircrafts. None of the management was in but he got us a couple of business cards.

At Noble, even we were impressed as to how accommodating they were. First, we met a jet mechanic, “Jim”. We talked a lot of shop. He really new his jet engines. He was studying diagrams to a Lear that didn’t match the actual aircraft. The big surprise came next.

We got to see the President, Jonathan Jackson. What a surprise since this was a total cold call. We talked about empty leg fights. He explained their policies and deadlines.

Most jet charter companies are broker agents. Noble is an actual carrier who owns and operates aircraft.

As it turned out we weren’t the only ones making cold calls. We ran into a man and woman, both probably in their late 20s. One was a pilot and the other a flight attendant. They were passing out resumes looking for work.

With a shortage of pilots, I’m sure he found work.

Off to the next adventure..

Our Visit to Opa Locka To See Private Jet Charter Companies.

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