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Going out and meeting people associated with the aviation industry is something we just starting doing.  We were working on a project for a private jet charter company. This required going out and meeting with corporate executives, clients and even aircraft companies.

Sometimes, we didn’t have an appointment and people saw us anyway. What a testament to humanity, people just sharing a little valuable time for us.

We found this actually to be fun sometimes. We were having a lot of great experiences so now we just decided to share some of the stories. We also took it a step further, and sometimes have a camera running when we meet people.

Oh and what about us ? We’re just a couple of guys making a living. Both family guys, trying to turn work into a little fun sometimes. We are not doing any of this for money. Nope, no sales calls if you see us. If somehow, someway, someday its makes some then I guess we’ll maybe have to find a cool charity. But for now,  just think this is gonna be like a hobby.

We’ll hopefully be able to educate some people with what we learned along the way. Airplanes and jets are cool. But the people behind them are just real people. The more of those individual stories we can share, then that makes this something rewarding for us.

Jorge & Chris

Something Random

“I got an email from you about a review I wrote for a private jet charter company. I thought you were crazy or some BS at first but Wow, keep up what you're doing. So cool !"

Jennifer Joseph

(Real Random Person)

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