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Our Visit to a Boca Raton Private Jet Charter that gives Free Flights and a Cash Bonus

Christine Silver The Boca Jet

When Chris and I travel around we’re always amazed at all the unique ways people approach the aviation business. We recently heard of an innovative company that seems to do things a little differently. Some of it sounded too good to be true, so we went to see them. Our visit to a Boca Raton private jet charter that gives free flights and a cash bonus.  

Like many, even the larger charters, they use shared office space. But this was a little different as they are literally in one of the most prestigious addresses in all East Boca Raton.

We met Christine ‘Chrissy’ Silver who manages all the in-flight luxury hospitality. She is an event planner for many ‘A’ list celebrities.

Part of what makes “The Boca Jet” different is the crazy attention to detail that goes into their member only charter flights. The elite want only the best, so these folks certainly deliver that.

Their flights are operated by InstaJet Charters, who is also unique as they are both a broker and indirect carrier in the process of obtaining a Part 135 Certificate. Not many of those around but seems to be what customers like as it gives more choices and costs less for a flight.

So back to the free flights and cash bonus. As mentioned, this is a member only private jet charter. If you’re a resident of the Boca Raton area you know about “The Boca Raton”, member only resort. So, it makes sense that a private jet charter operator just down the street would be members only.

They offer a monthly private jet card membership program which is rare but with the cash back, it’s definitely a one of a kind.

How it works. There are 3 membership levels:

  • Saver (pays 2% cash toward a flight)

  • Premium (pays 3% toward a flight)

  • Elite Luxury (pays 6% toward a flight)

Members pay a monthly fee; the highest level is under $3,000 per month. This is like a savings account toward a flight. When a member is ready to book a flight, all the accumulated paid membership fees are applied to that flight with the cash bonus added on top.

After being a top-level Elite Luxury member for a year, you’ve earned a free flight. The only restriction is they must have flown at least once in the past 12 months.

Hospitality Expert and Celebrity Executive Chef prepared meals.

The bottom line is this is very innovative from no huge upfront cash outlay, monthly payments, cash back and a free flight. We’ve seen pieces of this offered but never all in one like this. Added to that the personalized luxury hospitality and even new aircraft, you can’t beat this one.

And again, we want to thank Chrissy Silver for her time.  We were so impressed with the tour; we posted part of the video on YouTube.

Check out or call them at (561)-918-2124

Contact Us and maybe we’ll come see you..

On to the next adventure…

Our Visit to a Boca Raton Private Jet Charter that gives Free Flights and a Cash Bonus

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